Making A Move

I value a work/life balance.  I don’t adhere to working the same job, for the same boss, for 30+ years, just because that was the social norm for some generations ago.  I move around. A lot.  It’s partially part of the culture of the career I chose.  It’s partially because I like to move.

So when I accepted a position in Kentucky and told my fellow South Dakotans I was headed to the southeast to listen to banjos in Appalachia, they were perplexed and asked “why?”.  When I took a promotion offered in New York (central, not upstate, and not the city) the friendly southern voices twanged with “New Yooork? Why up north?”.  When we decided to head west and venture into the cold dark valley of northwest Montana, they were like, “You’ll die out there.  Why would you go to a place so remote?  You’ll freeze.”  By far, though, the most interesting is “Iowa? Hmmph. What’s in Iowa?”

There is a lot in Iowa.  As there is in Kentucky, New York, South Dakota and Montana. All have been great adventures.  We’ve had babies, bought homes, joined bands, and seen bears. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

There are always a few genuine folks that say “congratulations” and “you’ll be great”, and “the kids will love it”, and “oh, the music scene is just tops.” These are the ones that remind you of the fun years near them.  These are our friends.  People that understand that you moving has very little to do with them and is just the path you’ve been presented.  These are friends you will keep. Friends that will get your meaning when you write, and type, because they share a kindred connection.  Maybe you commiserated, or shared a walk in the park over lunch break.  Maybe they made you laugh during a tense meeting or gave you a hug in the hallway when you were exhausted and nine months pregnant. Maybe your kids go to school together and you will miss the PTA meetings and the book club discussions.  Maybe that person that first welcomed you will be who you always remember, even if they have NO IDEA that you know their son’s birthday party was the first time you and your family felt welcomed in the neighborhood.  Yes, friends, we are fortunate to have met you and had some fun and laughs. We wish you the best!


Sound Check: Testing..One…Two..

I’m finally going for it – let the blogging begin!  I hope you’ll join me on my rambling about whatever comes to mind: cooking, traveling, social commentary, random thoughts, music, pet owning, mothering, poetry, movie critiquing, and whatever inspiring notions I may experience.