Time with My Daughter

I had an evening with my 7 year old daughter.  No husband in the house. Son asleep.  So this is what it’s like!  I’d been wondering as I’d observed my friends with their singular children, what it was like. We had four years as the Three Musketeers (my husband, daughter, and I) before our incredible Little Mister had arrived. Since then, we hadn’t had much time with only her.  As my daughter has gotten older, she’s met different phases and challenges, but she often met them in the audience of her baby brother.  So now it’s just she and I on a cool March evening at home.

It’s quiet. So quiet it’s luxurious.  Now she’s old enough she can sit next to me on the couch and read. And did I mention it’s quiet?  And I can write a little and make a cup of tea for each of us.  When I walk back to my room to get my pajamas on, there is no rushing of toddler feet followed by rushing of her feet followed by my pleading at them to just. Give. Me. Two. Minutes. To change. Clothes! I just change and come back and she’s content. I bring her a cup of chamomile and she thanks me and yawns.   She shoulder surfs next to me, but that’s alright.

My girl, we’ll call her Peanut, thrives on the energy around her.  I see that more tonight.  The TV is off and she opens a book, settling into the blanket we share on the couch.  She continues to devour a Beverly Cleary book, which makes my heart sing.  Silently I pray her love of reading stays with her throughout her life.  And I steal a look at her beauty and her health, and I can’t help but grin.  She doesn’t even notice it, she is so focused on the story of Ramona Quimby, and nothing else. 

When all is calm, so is she.  And so am I. We’ll have to learn to find calm grounds within for those times when life gets hectic, which sometimes feels like most days.  But tonight, I take the sleepy-time tea and soft living-room light, the sagging couch, and my thoughts, and just meditate awhile on this moment with her.  It’s perfect, just like her.


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