Paperwork Can Trigger Sentiment

There I was, running paper through an austere, bottom of the line shredder, bored, trying to find some sort of rhythm in the machine. The zip of the loud motor, the fact it only can shred 5 sheets at a time…one, two, three, four, five sheets….one two place into the machine…bzzzzzzz… Again, one, two three four…wait, what’s this? My son’s first 24 hours diaper and nursing log! I know – I was all “Awe! and I can’t believe I still have this,” and so I stop and think about the birth of my son, the days in the hospital, and the crazy journey that has been the past 3 1/2 years. I’m staring out my kitchen window, listening to my kids wrestling in the living room, time traveling.

Then I think of my daughter. She was that age when we last moved, and now she is about to turn eight. So sniffling, trying to feel more of the sweet than the bitter of her growing up, I search my laptop for a song I wrote to her when she was less than a year old. I wrote it when we lived in my favorite place in Tennessee, which is lush and colorful and warm and a place my heart goes to smile. So the paperwork woke this all up in me, and I will likely be a puddle for my last weeks in Montana, but for reasons one wouldn’t expect: It is nice to take the trail back through the Cumberland Gap today:

SLEEP, BABY BUG – by a.l. graysay

Time to sleep, little baby-bug,
Tickling Teddy Bear’s nose, slowly yawning.
Arms in a night-night hug,
Mama will sing a night-night tune.
Time to sleep, baby-bug.
I will see you in the early light.
When the shiny sun, like a giant gumdrop is up.
We will rub the sleepy night away your sleepy night eyes,
Then we will laugh, and sing and jump!

Time to sleep, little baby bug
Eyes slowly blinking, looking out the window.
In the spiky bushes, do you see the pink rose
Blooming in the yard?
We strolled past it coming home today.
While the yellow gumdrop sun was out.
Dream about roses and gumdrops in the sleepy night.
Dream about roses and gumdrops when the moon is out.
I will kiss you many good nights,
Tomorrow we will laugh and dance about!


One thought on “Paperwork Can Trigger Sentiment

  1. Sniffle. Sniffle. Beautiful sentiments. Montana is getting the short end of the stick, here! We will miss you. Look out, Iowa! You are about to be stormed by this awesome Family.

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