Festival Kids

April 26, 2014
April 26, 2014

Colorful kites that resembled dragons were flying across the windy eastern Iowa sky this Saturday afternoon. A shark flew in the distance, joined by a dark blue ribbon, the old style diamond shapes, and one that looked like a cube.
All heads were up, looking to the sky as the precision kite flyers started their routine. The music hit the air and was “It’s a Beautiful Day” by U2. My two little ones began to dance. I wanted to laugh as I glanced at the spectators with their heads cocked back like Pez candy dispensers, hair awry in the springtime wind. My little ones were dancing with each other, rolling down the hill side, laughing.
Now my kids aren’t twirlers – they didn’t get to live all summer at outdoor festivals. Sister went to her first festival at eight weeks of age seeing Ralph Stanley play banjo at his Hills of Home show, featuring Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. This was where she happily pooped all over me and my linen pants as soon as we arrived, husband clueless. In fact, it’s on tape. He was filming her, entertained by all her new baby antics, kicking her legs, zooming in on her pretty little face, then me ruining the sweetness by saying “uh, a little help here?”.
She also went to LEAF in North Carolina, when she was still small enough to be in the Moby Wrap, so perhaps 18 months. This is where she got to see the Guthrie Family perform. And she got to Phil and Friends with the Levon Helm Band & Larry Campbell in Rochester, NY. She danced under the shady trees, ate a hotdog, and refused to nap on the blanket, but had a good time.PhilnFriends2008

She’s been to a few other small farmer’s markets and craft shows, too.
Little Mister hasn’t been anywhere but through an airport with a leash sadly disguised as a monkey backpack with a long tail. Side note: I totally get why people use the “child restraint tethers”. It’s for safety reasons (he sometimes bolts out of sheer joy of running). Anyway, he hasn’t enjoyed the outdoor festival life much, yet, but after today, I can see it’s totally in the family genes. He’s moved by the music, by the moment, lives to make others laugh, and digs a good kite flying.                                            Groovin' to the music
Some people are brought to tears of joy over academic accomplishments or winning the championship game, but I was overwhelmed at the sight of my children dancing under the sunny sky across the green lawn.


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