Pizzadilla Recipe

I definitely enjoyed the last days of using the lovely flat top griddle. We have a vintage Jenn Aire cooktop range at our place in Montana. On one of our last evenings there, Hubs and I had organic London broil. To which the kids turned up their noses. Seriously. So I cooked up these easy pizza-dillas to go with a fresh veggie tray. I know I swiped the recipe from a magazine:
You will need olive oil, tortillas, pizza cheese, and pepperoni
Heat your flattop to medium high, brush olive oil on one side of a tort.

Sprinkle half the tort with cheese. Top with pepperoni.pizzadilla1

Let cook about 2 minutes or until cheese starts to melt. Flip the tort so it’s folded in half. Now flip entire pizzadilla until both sides are crispy.pizzadilla2

Cut into triangles, and serve with dipping sauce (such as tomato sauce).
You can also do this in the oven instead of the cooktop. Set the oven for 400 degrees Farenheit and follow recipe.