The Uncarved Block

If you have ever read “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff, you can appreciate A.A. Milne’s characters in a new light. Today, I met an Uncarved Block, a Pooh Bear, indeed. Actually, I already knew this person. But he said something that made me very annoyed, at first, then I saw he truly is an Uncarved Block.

We were talking about retirement and he said something about how he wouldn’t want to retire, then find he needed another job. He said he’d just as soon wait and retire later because he loved his job so much. To which, I stifled a scrunched up nose and a little vomit in my mouth.

I wasn’t jealous, I just don’t associate trading my time for money as something I love. I cannot relate. I would enjoy having the stability of my pension and the freedom to explore other outlets or venues. (I also think many people are extravagant in their retirement expectations and find it unrealistic to behave as though a person is guaranteed years of life and a retirement to boot.)

All that aside, I had this moment of enlightenment: he is not faking it, forcing it, nor is he stupid. He is the Uncarved Block. The beauty of this is he doesn’t know he is, and never will, or will then no longer be. How nice for him, and his happy disposition. For that, I am a little jealous.

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