Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

I saw a table online

that belongs in the vacant spot

of the downstairs bathroom

that we demo’d 7 weeks

ago & freed it of black porcelain

sinks and watercloset.

Dull flat, glossless finished

Vanities now serve the garage

Workshop, storing tools for repair & destruction.

Walls stand naked awaiting

Dressings of semi-gloss wipeable

paint. “Adrift” chip

chosen, a calming hue of sky

against the beach tiled walls.

Concrete floor awaits a shave

From carpet glue and glazed paint.

Pedastool sink stands unemployed,


The sewer pipe, 3 feet perpendicular

Stuffed with rags to gag

Down gas. (It will be trimmed and secured

To a new porcelain throne).

But I saw a table online that belongs

In the vacant spot of the downstairs bathroom.

-a.l. graysay


Inspired with Simplicity

Another Thing I really Like About Billy Collins is His Poetry Isn’t a Damn Mystery.

It’s straight and tells

A story or a scene

Maybe with a bowl of tangerines

Or cereal milk sliding off a spoon.

I hear him walking over hardwood

Floors, a creak slightly sounding

As he warms a hand around a cup a

Tea. A gaze out the window pane.

The window is old, and likely warbles the view

Ever so slightly.

Over time in an old New York Italianate, or an

Iowa farm home, the lite may be intact

Over 150 years

Yet not crisp

Like the autumn leaves that brush up against it.


Craving Creativity

When your day job is not a place for creativity, you might be bursting at the seams like I am every evening. I have always liked the arts, but I never realized how important it is to have a regular creative outlet.

Tonight I came home, feeling the beginning of winter’s dull funk. It has been cold. It is Iowa, after all. I proceeded to ask Maestro Hubs to toss some holiday music on the turntable and spent three hours making granola bars, brownies with mint frosting and dark chocolate glaze, and chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps I went a bit overboard.

The point is, creating is something I just have to do or I get in a fairly low place. Even two years ago my office mate and best bud made a faux cardstock fireplace as a decoration that covered our binder shelf. Our office was exploded with Christmas decor including this door decoration. There just comes a point at which ideas must be let out!

Had to have some fun with the door.
Had to have some fun with the door.
Trying to flatten the paper fireplace with the home library. Created for work decor.
Trying to flatten the paper fireplace with the home library. Created for work decor.



Knitting, baking, writing, trying to learn that pick pattern on the six-string, putting a DVD together of the kids to send to their great grandmothers, sketching, anything that allows me to just be more of who I am. The things I WANT to do.

My favorite knitted baby cap pattern. Pumpkin for the pumkins born in the fall.
My favorite knitted baby cap pattern. Pumpkin for the pumpkins born in the fall.

I have started to read Shop Class as Soulcraft but stopped because it was already speaking too directly to me and I do not know if I am brave enough to change my world the way the author did. I have to admit, though, I felt a weird motionless sensation when I first got a job in administration and information. I do not have a daily task list. I do not get the chance to turn and leave it all there.

The job is never done: The building is never built. The cake is never frosted. The fruit is never ripened. In my case, even the email is never totally read.

It is not tactile (if we used typewriters and snail mail with stamps it would be more fun and tangible and totally retro-chic). Everything is now demanding of instantaneous response, and instead of being more efficient, has propagated more busy work. It feels completely unnatural to be so tired and so busy and yet not even see a result.

I have negotiated this for well over a decade, sometimes successfully and sometimes not so much. But I know this is not news to many people. The creative outlet in my real life, my personal life, is what I live for.

So I baked today.  And wrote a blog post.

What did you do to be creative today?