Saturday Resting

One marble notebook grasped tightly open,

Blue ink scattering letters across its virgin

Pages. Gratitude resides

In the second hardback journal.

Meditations are thick on the chocolate satin bedspread.

Little pitters patter across the floor.

Door knob squeaks. Tongue jams into jamb,

Clicking like a clock.

Dishes await a late night scrub (automatic).

Steel pots live on the cooled coils,

Dirty with disregard.

Broken glass died in a brown paper sack, coffined,

And pushed to the curb.

Whites are now folded.

Drawers stuffed with flannel, denim,

Cotton, and poly blends.

Squeaks and patters pitter yet.

School book and novel, stacked seven high

On the night stand shared with a pink glass bead lamp. Jelly fish

Of reading light.



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