Beautiful poem by Brent Kincaid




Molly Dog

Molly 2006 BW
Molly Dog, 2006

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll miss this dog

when she dies.

Tumbleweeds of dog hair

rolling across a waxed oak floor,

chased this very morning

by leg breeze and a broom.

Carrying a big wheel and helmeted toddler

sliding across a wet yard pile.

I wonder if I’ll think instead of learning to care for another

with you.

How her quiet and faulted loyalty

comically left us with a scaredy-dog.

Or the two pregnancies she followed

me through the house like a worried

Mother, unsure how to help

unsure what was happening

unsure what that extra heartbeat

meant to her job. Her purpose in this life.

When she wakes the kids with her tap

dancing paws, heavy from lightning

sparks and rolling bowling

lanes and my agitated sighs.

Maybe I’ll think of her at our feet

No longer begging for a space on the couch

asking for nothing, but what she can

do for us to make us happy, just once.


Our beloved dog of 13 years passed away this week. She was a gentle companion and unconditionally loving family member.


Is when neither of us washes

the dishes that sit caked

with this morning’s oatmeal and crusted

with enchilada sauce from dinner last night.

It’s when twenty-four hours pass

since the last time the stainless bowl

of the sink was thickly frosted

with lemony-bubbles and steamy water.

One day’s worth of mugs ringed

with coffee, glasses clouded with beer foam residue,

and juice cups textured with orange pulp.

Peanut butter has taken residence on a knife

and several spoons have refused

to succumb their puddles

of soymilk, sugar granules, and

strawberry rhubarb jam.

And you and I silently resist,

each on strike from dish duty

this one night

negotiating one day off of easy cleaning

for time together on the couch.

Tomorrow will there be space to chop cucumbers

and avocados

or will the cutting board and morning

cereal bowls have taken over,

reminding us we still must serve the time

we traded the night before.


Happy 40th Birthday


In silence you agree

the children come first.

You dutifully make our home,

and keep us full of delicious food.

Your loyalty, comfort, and love is here.


Gifted in music and lyric

lost in song and her notes

So sociable when the language is familiar.


Me, your strongest critic

and biggest fan.

I’m enamored with all that is you:

Your patience



Our navigator and rescue squad

our resident doctor




I love you, honor you,

blessed to know you and have a life with you.

An incredible guy, I say,

Have a much deserved and joyous birthday.