Day 2 Louisiana Train Trip…getting More Lampoon-y

Remember how I said everyone loved the train? They did, but there was some tossing of cookies when we landed in the hotel. Thank goodness it was in the hotel and not on a confined train. But there were no signs of it when we de-trained in NOLA at Union Station. Nor any signs as we walked to the car rental office.

Car rental in New Orleans near the depot is Enterprise. It’s about a block away but we are country puppies roaming the city, and might have been better served with a pick up from them. Additionally, instead of hauling your car seats with you on the train, you could rent your car from the airport Enterprise with car seats and then arrange for a pickup. It’s a detail for me to remember next time.
We drove a half hour on I-10 east over the Pontchartrain Causeway to Slidell, which is a nice suburb with plenty of amenities, and away from the downtown area. The new Wyndham is really nice: it has an indoor heated pool and breakfast. This is really great with our kids. I personally am not a fan of getting all dressed and bustling about in the morning when I could, instead, wear my yoga pants and hoodie down to the breakfast area and take it up to the room to guzzle my coffee.
We reserved a suite with a king bed, sofa bed, table and chairs, spacious bathroom, and a microwave, fridge, and kitchenette sink for 1/3 the price of a downtown New Orleans hotel. And there is a guest laundry, which was great not only because of sickness but because I limited everyone’s luggage to what they could carry.

Pumpkin had worn motion sickness wristbands, which I definitely recommend for anyone unsure of travel nausea. (Little tidbit: And they are eligible flexible spending account items). We were all still riding the train after walking to the car rental office and riding to the hotel. And once all movement stopped, we continued to feel that rocking sensation.  Poor Pumpkin lost it all over the place. We cleaned it all up and got extra linens from a very sympathetic front desk clerk, and settled in.
So on Day 2 Hubs hit the grocer for some supplies: fresh produce and some food for the next day, grabbed us take out, and we ate in quiet exhaustion in the suite. We all fell asleep, in a very comfortable room, with no plans in sight but to get some much needed motionless sleep.

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