Day 3 New Orleans Riverwalk


Pumpkin managed to hold down his toast so we washed up and loaded up to visit the Audobon Aquarium of the Americas
along the Mississippi River:IMG_0125


From Slidell, we took I-10 back into town and paid to park right next to the Riverwalk.
The Aquarium. Was. AWESOME! I mean, the kids loved it, it’s fairly self-guided, there’s beautiful wildlife all around in the aquariums, and the dimness of the halls bring the brilliance of the sea life to you. The walkway under the tank allows you to feel like you are swimming with the stingrays. The Amazon rainforest walk has wayside information at kid height, and I watched my daughter eagerly read over the 2-3 sentence signs.
There is a food court so we could mitigate any cranky late lunch blues.
Pumpkin started to lose patience around the albino alligator and jellyfish tanks, but we landed at the shark tank with little scene. Final stop was the gift shop for a souvenir because let’s face it, we weren’t sure if Pumpkin would get sick again or if we’d see more than this. You simply don’t know with little fickle ones!
We sunned ourselves on the Riverwalk, watching the barges go by and enjoying the 70 degree temps and sunshine. Hubs led us toward the outlet shops where he was following a trumpet and clarinet playing on the pedestrian walk to the plaza de espana. Peanut dropped a bill in their jar, and the older trumpet player stopped, bowed forward and said “thank ya, darlin'” then resumed a lovely “Amazing Grace” with the young gal on clarinet.
At the plaza we grabbed snowballs and sat around the fountain, listening to a jazz band. IMG_0135IMG_0138
We had no plans. We just enjoyed, then grooved on back to the car to get to the hotel.
After a warm swim, we found ourselves at NOLA Southern Grill.
Everyone tried locally caught alligator IMG_0144and homemade kettle chips. I had a po’ boy and Hubs had crawfish and rice in a bread bowl.
Peanut did dessert shots to top off her good behavior and for keeping it together even though her brother was feeling out of sorts.
IMG_0149We waddled back to the car, stuffed and ready to call it a night.This was a nice day and felt like a luxurious break from the tedius demands of school/work/house chores.
I am so grateful to have had the chance to go to Louisiana and by train, and with these wonderful people!

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