Day 4- Louisiana Trip: Getting the Kid Fear 

Remember how I said vacation is all logistics with kids? And how I mentioned that the trip can be different regardless of your painstaking plans? Well, here’s an example of such:

It’s 83 degrees, not buggy as it is March, and just a lovely day in New Orleans. We drive over to City Park, deciding that it would be more enjoyable for the kids than a NPS unit like Jean Lafitte. Besides, it’s a Monday, and the NPS has chosen to not have the visitor center open that day at that part of the park.
City Park is quite lovely: lake, walks, mini golf, amusent park, storybook park, and botanical garden. We had looked this up before leaving home and it looked like a nice small scale stop.
 We could enjoy what Pumpkin referred to as “Pineapple Trees”  because they looked like pineapples, and the garden had sweet pea and honeysuckle blooming. I sat on one of many porch swings and took in the heat and quiet. And so, naturally, enter The Tantrum.
Sometimes little ones are bored doing nothing, which is why we try to teach the kids the glory of each moment and day, especially when it is simply BEING and not doing anything. And it was warm, probably hot to them, again, me enjoying actually sweating a little after an absurdly cold winter. And the storybook park was closed on Monday. Oops. We missed that in the plans.
After a loud scream on the park bench in his toddler frustration at the day, at his parents telling him to stay close, at the heat, and at not being in control, Pumpkin finally relaxed and agreed to go to the jungle gym and play a bit. My stomach was in knots as I digested the tantrum and my own parenting frustration. Pumpkin and Peanut played with two little boys whose dad mentioned they were also visiting from out of state. Then we went to find refreshments.

At PJs Coffee we got something to enjoy and sat on the veranda just taking in the day. It’s nice to plan for no plans. Back at the hotel we all went for a swim then sleepily made our way to The Big Easy Diner for dinner across the street. Then back in for the night, full and sleepy animals.

The kids climbed into bed and we were reading books when Pumpkin  coughed then threw up. Then completely barfed into his lap his entire belly contents. This poor kid. Trying to cover my worry and figure out why he pukes so often, Hubs and I scrambled to clean it up and get fresh linens from the front desk.

He slept fine, though his sister was wary of sharing a bed and slept on the edge of the King. 

He perhaps felt like this all day and thus was so upset earlier. Who knows-I always try to figure things out but kids aren’t really like that; they aren’t predictable and each one is different with different emotional, mental, and physical states. Grateful that all was calm again, we slipped into slumber with the relaxation that we didn’t need to do anything in the morning and had another day until the train ride home.


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