Days 5 – Beignets, Sunshine, Lovin’ Louisiana Holiday!

We awoke and assessed the kids’ well being. Both were hungry. Check. Both drank water. Check. No one barfed. All clear to try an outing!

Back to City Park with everything open and then to the French Quarter record store:

It was over 80 degrees and sunny and no bugs. First stop at City Park was Storybook Park for some shade and toddler fun. Good place to get in a cooler spot and let your little ones explore. 

You can see the amusement park wasn’t open yet but it was so early in the season and unusually hot so we were glad for the Storybook part anyhow.

Then Mama and Daddy needed some coffee and beignets! We’d been wanting to get a taste, and this 24 hour Morning Call cafe on the other side of the park had freezee coffee and beignets for us. Every table had shaker cans of powdered sugar for hot beignets.

Daddy opted hot coffee and some alligator sausage. We ate inside but an outdoor patio connected to the large open door building.

Our waiter, clad in a clean white uniform and paper hat brought souvenir hats for the kids.

Then it was mini golf time! An immaculately kept mini-golf boasted two possible playing courses. It wasn’t crowded, and the others that arrived after us took the other course realizing we would take a little time with a toddler.

The heat was getting to them, but Peanut could finally do something more her age and Pumpkin could swing a club around-everyone was happy.

Hubs had hauled us around, navigated a new city,played mini golf, fended off tantrums, cleaned up puke, and even went swimming with us. He deserved something he wanted to do.

We loaded back to the car after a slow stroll across the park. We drove into the French Quarter where we finally got to see some of the colorful architecture. We parked at a pay lot and walked a block to the record store.

Yes-vinyl, CDs, old, new, local, infamous. Pumpkin and Peanut seemed to enjoy the air conditioning, but then decided it would be a good idea to chase each other though the record store aisles. We waited in the entryway off the street and outside the store. That was all the kids could take. Once back in the car, Pumpkin fell asleep immediately. It was 5:00 pm so we headed to the hotel and I ordered a pizzas as we cruised down I-10 so it would be ready to pick up and take to the hotel suite.  It was a great end to the time in Louisiana.

Tomorrow we see if we last the train home…

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