Cutie and the Beauty

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Round cheeks with dimples,

Precious as can be,

Chubby cuddly baby boy,

He is a little Cutie!


Bright sparkling eyes,        LukeNBel2011

Like the aqua colored sea,

Hair the shade of autumn leaves

She is a smiling Beauty!


Crawling into big sister’s room

Cutie finds a splendid mess.

Hats, crayons, a harmonica…

He chews on her pretty dress.


Beauty laughs at Cutie,

Shakes her long brown hair.

She places a tiara on his head,

Hands him her teddy bear.


Cutie screams as she takes the dress

Upon which he was happily feeding.

Beauty says, “Sorry bud,

“That’s just not for eating!”


Beauty gives him a baby toy,

She wraps her arms around him.

He smiles at her, toy in mouth,

The dress he’s already forgotten.


Beauty dresses Cutie up

Like a King and she’s the Queen,

With golden crowns, purple capes,

And beads, shiny and green.


“Ga – gaaaaa!” Cutie orders

At Beauty standing on the bed.

“You want to play Castle, bud?”

“Is that what you said?”


Cutie smiles his two-tooth grin

And dribbles out some drool.

Beauty gives him sunglasses,

“Now you’re the King of Cool!”


Beauty drapes a bed sheet

From the bed post to the dresser.

Cutie crawls into the Castle,

Squealing with pleasure!


Beauty crawls in after him,

Cutie tries to get away,

Beauty reaches him, and tickles him,

How they love to laugh and play!


Cutie rollie pollie-o’s

Across the castle floor,

He bonks his head on the dresser,

He isn’t laughing anymore.


Beauty picks up his hand

And kisses his tiny nose,

Says, “It’s okay, I understand…

“Now I’m gonna eat your toes!”


Cutie laughs a high-pitched “uh –oh!”

With his arms up in the air.

“Gonna get ‘em, you can’t hide!

“I see you under that chair!”


Cutie grins. He loves this game,BelSharingCone2012

What is coming next he knows,

“I see those piggies, gonna get you!”

Beauty gently nibbles his toes.


Now Cutie is laughing very hard

And Beauty giggles, too.

Kissing his chubby baby cheek,

She says, “Bud, I love you!”


They giggle and hide in the Castle,

They are each other’s best friend.

The Cutie and the Beauty,

Happily ever after…The End!




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