Bubble Head

Clean, Clear, Smelling Rosy
All things filtered through the Soap
effervescing at the membranes of ears, mouth, eyes, and nose.
Scrub away scrub away
the Dirty Words, the Serious Words, the Decisions.
Scabs and Scars forgotten, covered in Extracts and Oils
Of the most faraway jungle flowers.
Cleansed over.
All that enters washed in a thin, silky film.
Tastes bubbly
Sounds bubby
Smells bubby
Looks bubbly.




If I could, I would join Rustin and MLK Jr.

To learn more, and for a fantastic film on Rustin, see PBS’s Brother Outsider documentary. It is inspiring and humbling. http://video.pbs.org/video/2365405292/

The Professor

If you could be a part of any conversation, what would it be? For me it would have been the meeting that transpired when Bayard Rustin first came to the home of MLK Jr. At the time, King had yet to adopt nonviolence; in truth, it was Rustin who forced King and the movement to adopt a pacifist position. It was Rustin who traveled to India and studied the ways of Gandhi. That night when Rustin visited King’s home, which was then guarded by armed men, Rustin was turned away. Coretta Scott King asked Rustin into the home. King and Rustin stayed up well into the night smoking cigarettes and having drinks, while Rustin converted King. It was Rustin who organized King’s protest speech in DC, though he removed himself from the movement out of fear that he would hurt the movement due to being gay. Textbooks have not been…

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