Hawaiian Hikes: Manoa Falls Trail

Living vicariously through my friend’s life in Hawaii. Enjoy the hike 🙂

Running with the Dino

Today we went for a waterfall hike! My first waterfall hike yet! It was a beginner hike to Manoa Falls. The parking was really easy, we paid $5 and found a spot right near the trail head, although a lot of cars were parked all along the side of the road up to the paid parking so there’s both paid and unpaid options. The really nice thing about this hike is that it is about 15 minutes from our house and boom, you’re in the jungle. Sometimes I forget just how small Oahu is, I keep trying to remind myself to take it all in and just realize how small we all are. It’s easy getting caught up in the day to day grind, but I am so thankful for my weekends where I can get my mind straight and recharge.

The trailhead is nicely signed and you have the…

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A View of Prairie du Chien

Silver dollar bodies of geese

shimmy and shimmer in two

flocks flying

over the East Channel of

the Mississippi River.

Black wings laboring long and floppety carrying

each bird over

the blue metal bridge.

Cold metal bridge

into Wisconsin.

Horns and high-hats

softly blow and scratch

from the warm radio as the silver dollar

geese head into a clear sky.


The Magic of Mama’s Purse

is when you are coughing

on spring pollen and

marooned at a late hour

in a hotel in Prairie du Chien

There’s a cough-drop in the inside

zipper pocket, wrapper fused to it,

coated in fine crumbs.

It’s when my nose is raw red

runny from sliding my

parka sleeve across, it

cradles a soft tissue for me on

the banks of iced-over Kent Lake

If I fidget in hunger

in the  vinyl diner booth

while Daddy looks serious,

Mama’s purse holds crayons

and almonds.